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to 20, 6'0", thin build, brown goatee and an eye brow piercing, he was seen driving a four-door brown car. the girl says he grabbed her by the wrist as she walked home from school. >>> following breaking news right now. thick black smoke is choking the sky over the delta, as you can see from the tower camera. this is burning near antioch on lower sherman island. this part of the island is uninhabited, so cal fire will not put any resources out there and let it burp. leigh glaser tells us winds are light in this area, up to five-miles-an-hour so we can expect to see the smoke in the air for some time until this burns out. >>> firefighters stopped a fire from spreading to any nearby homes after it broke out inside a carport in mill valley. the fire started around 2:30. firefighters saw smoke from several blocks away as they approached the scene. nobody was hurt. the flames did damage two cars. investigators are looking into what caused this fire but do not believe it's suspicious. crews also had to carefully dispose of paints and other chemicals that had been stored in this carport. >>
here, a look around napa, browns valley road we're seeing some light showers being reported right now. in the east bay, you'll notice here 580, dublin bfd. some light returns here. pleasanton. not all of this is actually rain. some may just be sprinkles so let me show you a view from our camera. we have cloud cover. temperatures now 57 in san francisco. 63 san carlos. 61 degrees today's highs from upper 50s to low 70s. you can see clouds gathering. they're expecting a rain-snow mix. this is not a storm that is a cold storm. high snow levels have been issued until 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. napa now 61 degrees. 63 in livermore here, is a look at what is coming up. scattered showers tonight. periods of rain and a windy pattern setting up. satellite showing you incoming system. some sprinkles and showers but scattered showers really becoming more wide spread. as you look at our computer animation tonight you'll notice rain starts to move n just spotty scattered showers. cold front starts to slide down. so as the kmoout goes on, it will get wetter. by 1:00 p.m. cold front just falling apa
are important part of the giving process. >> governor brown today signed a bill to improve breast cancer detection. the bill requiring doctors to inform patients if they have dense breast tissue which can be harder to lok yale yait until ls informing about alternative screening options. that new inductees will joint hall of fame in sacramento tonight. 49ers legend joe montana led san francisco to four super bowl titles during his time. warren baity's career dates back more than 50 years as an actor, writer and a producer. this year's other inductees include labor leaders, designs charles and ray eames, isha, and the warner brothers. victim pressive people. >> yes. >> and when we come back, our free hot line to get tax questions answered. >>> coming up at 6:00 a clash over cough eye. the citywide food fight launched who wants to be near established competitors. >> also, the rent some people are ready to charge for their homes. >> and the nfl's newest safety rule you're going see how this will change the sport why it's hitting some the wrong way. those stories and more coming up at
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3